Custom reports

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Need consumer insights but don’t have a team to provide them? We can provide the decision-making support you’re seeking by leveraging our proprietary 20,000+ respondent dataset to answer your company’s most pressing strategic and tactical questions. Sample reports range from product-market fit to consumer personas to educational needs to brand positioning. 

Custom research

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When you need custom answers beyond what’s already in our dataset, go deeper with bespoke research. Get a tailored approach to uncover greater detail serving both B2C and B2B needs. Expand and specify your needs – no matter how niche, big, or small, we can match your scope and budget needs with our agile team and approach.


custom cannabis and hemp whitepaper

Topic-driven reports into different aspects of the cannabis and hemp CBD universe, including regional and product category overviews as well as current hot topics of debate in the industry. Free preview versions available for download.


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Access to our interactive online dashboard and the results of our quarterly survey of 20,000+ respondents around the country, providing you with insights you can use on a state-by-state basis into users and prospective users of hemp CBD and cannabis. Depending on subscription tier, can include analyst support, customized deliverables, and limited category exclusivity.

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