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Traditionally cannabis consumer data has been almost entirely transactional, which only tells part of the story.

In contrast, our proprietary cannabis and hemp tracking study offers a complete picture of consumers’ motivations and barriers, giving companies the quantitative and qualitative consumer research they need to understand both the cannabis consumer of today and tomorrow.

This unique, human-centric approach approach gives our clients a competitive advantage by empowering them with the consumer insights they need to find better product-market fit and strategically plan for the future.

You’re direct and to the point, we like that about you. Our quarterly subscription reports have a set cost, and cost for a custom report naturally varies. Reach out and we’d be happy to directly share costs. 

The core of Oasis Intelligence is a subscription to our quarterly report. This model allows us to provide clients with both the wealth of reliable data and insights they need, and an opportunity to track changes to the market over time. However, we do also offer some customization options.

There are over 20,000 people in our dataset and growing, and we ensure that all respondents are representative across a wide range of demographics. We leverage a readable sample for every state in the U.S., plus Washington D.C. of both current users of cannabis and/or hemp as well as the future users. This sample is split across gender, ages, and usage per state and is categorized according to their relationship with cannabis and/or hemp.

We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you on a custom study that addresses your specific needs and questions. What did you have in mind?

At the moment we’re focused on the U.S., but the future of cannabis is undeniably global and we’ll be launching international capabilities as soon as possible. Our passports are ready and waiting…

The future of the cannabis industry lies in the prospective user. These are the people who are potential cannabis consumers but have so far held back, and the people that transactional data completely leaves out. Understanding their motivations, wants and needs are imperative for any cannabis company’s growth.

Short answer: yes, absolutely.

Long answer: we know there’s currently a lot of confusion over these terms. It’s all “cannabis,” but the differences between THC, CBD can have profound differences in the market. Accordingly, a core part of our work is devoted to understanding how consumers think and feel about the full range of cannabis-derived products, including hemp.

Another one of the biggest limitations to transactional data is that it inherently only describes consumers in regulated states. By including respondents in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, we’re able to demonstrate that there are significant state-by-state differences, thus empowering clients to strategically plan for the future as more states inevitably come online.


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