Consumer insights for the global Cannabis and Hemp market.

Why Oasis Intelligence?

Cannabis companies are in a frenzy to gain market share by developing new products and features. Despite the best of intentions, that rush has created confusion, leaving consumers feeling intimidated and lost in this newly regulated market. The gap between industry innovation and consumer education is further compounded by a lack of people-centric insight.

Consumer cannabis insights 2020

100% = consumers interested in cannabis / hemp

We give VOICE to the consumer

Our groundbreaking Oasis Cannabis and Hemp Industry Tracker is the largest proprietary survey of consumer attitudes, perceptions and usage in the cannabis and hemp industry. Our consumer insights are drawn from our 20,000-person, quantitative, state-by-state national study across all demographics. 

This unique, human-centric approach is backed by our peerless expertise in quantitative and qualitative consumer market research, brand strategy, and growth strategy. We help companies truly serve the needs of cannabis and hemp consumers, while reducing risk, optimizing ROI, and driving growth. 

We paint a complete picture of the cannabis and hemp users of today — and the ones of tomorrow.

The knowledge desert

The current cannabis and hemp market is a fraction of its potential size. You will need to understand the massive new consumer base entering the market in order to make strategic decisions. 

But consumer intelligence is so scarce in this new industry, is like finding water in the desert.

Current data is based on transactions in a few states. This POS information is helpful, but it does not provide the full picture of what consumers truly want and need. It tells a story of numbers, not of people.

Actionable consumer insight was missing in this dry knowledge landscape – until now.

  • How to recession proof your brand.
  • The diversity of state-by-state trends.
  • Information on new cannabis consumers.
  • The educational needs of consumers.
  • How consumers make purchase decisions.

Our dataset

Leveraging a proprietary survey of over 20,000 current users and prospective users recruited from across every state in the US.

The Oasis Cannabis and Hemp Industry Tracker will guide you to market your brand and develop products with confidence knowing what your consumers want, what they don’t, how they consume and what’s holding them back from trying and buying more.

  • Approximately 80+ questions.
  • Nested, state-by-state demographic quotas for gender, age, and ethnicity.
  • Recreational, medical and unregulated states.
  • Over 20,000 consumer survey responses across all 50 states (+DC).
  • Current Users - have used a Cannabis / Hemp CBD product within the last 30 days.​
  • Prospective Users - have NOT used a Cannabis / Hemp CBD product in the last 30 days, but are very interested in using either in the next 30 days.



Topic-driven reports into different aspects of the cannabis and hemp CBD universe, including regional and product category overviews as well as current hot topics of debate in the industry. Free preview versions available for download

Custom Reporting

We can provide the decision-making support you’re seeking by leveraging our proprietary 20,000+ respondent dataset to answer your company’s most pressing strategic and tactical questions.

Custom Research

Get a tailored approach to uncover greater detail serving both B2C and B2B needs. Expand and specify your needs – no matter how niche, big, or small, we can match your scope and budget needs with our agile team and approach.

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Access to our interactive online dashboard and the results of our quarterly survey of 20,000+ respondents around the country, providing you with insights you can use on a state-by-state basis into users and prospective users of hemp CBD and cannabis. Coming soon.


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